Three Things Learned from a Failed Workout Routine

Three Things Learned from a Failed Workout Routine

Yes. I'm that girl. Whether I want to admit it or not. I know that I am. I'm the delusional chubby girl who hides from full length mirrors in an effort to avoid facing her current reality. You know the one where I admit that I am so not the same much thinner girl I was back in undergrad. I mean seriously, at a time when I chose to spend my allowance (yes, I got an allowance in college thanks to the BEST uncle in the world) on new clothes and not sugar filled brunches and fancy dinners loaded with cheese and pasta, staying thinner wasn't that hard. Have you ever looked at the nutritional info on a pack of ramen noodles? 

Fast forward to now and It's clear that I have more than made up for all of those noodle and coffee filled nights during my college years. I've indulged in enough restaurant dining to become a well respected food safety inspector. Really. 


Over the last few years, especially after my sweet baby girl was born, I've tried to lose weight. It was much easier when I was younger. Now it totally requires focus and commitment. Two things I seem to be lacking, because I have yet to succeed. But I'm not giving up. After my last failed attempt, I took a moment to reflect on what went wrong. I came up with three important reasons. 

1. I have to write out my goals in order to be consistent. My life is busy. I have tons of deadlines, project details, appointments, meetings and other random stuff floating around in my head everyday. I manage it all by writing lists and using calendars. If I had to rely on my memory alone, I'd be in bad shape. Very bad shape. Furthermore, in my professional life I'd never start a new project without a well-defined goal and a plan. Why would I approach weight loss any differently?

2. Progress is still progress even when it doesn't result in drastic change. Ok. So being bummed out that I only lost 2lbs in a week instead of 15lbs is just plain ol' ridiculous. Focusing on having more -2lb weeks, is much better than undermining my small victory by renouncing my diet over the weekend, indulging in way too much fried everything and then starting it again bright and early on Monday morning weighing more than I did before I started.  

3. Implementing lifestyle changes may not be convenient, but that doesn't mean it's not worth the inconvenience. This is a big one. It's always super easy to give in to peer pressure when it seems that everyone else is heading out for lunch or to ignore the alarm clock and sleep in instead of working out. Preaching to the choir right. If losing weight was easy, I'd totally be the spokesperson. It's not though and I KNOW that. The goal is to remind myself that while it's not the easiest thing I've ever done, it's far from impossible as long as I stick with it. In the end it's so worth it. Besides, who doesn't want to be the "hot mom?"

So, I'm back on the wagon and armed with a few new accountability tools. I'm pretty sure I won't be wearing a bikini this summer, but next year will come and when it does I'll be ready.