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Hey y’all! I’m. Stephanie Powell. A God-chasing, career driven wife + mother of two girls with a passion for marketing, graphic design, writing and speaking. Almost four years ago, I walked away from the security of what I thought was my dream job to pursue a passion project that would allow me to connect with my community and be creative on my own terms. In August 2014, I launched Hello Dreamers as an outlet to help me balance the stress of work and family obligations with something that I was passionate about - bringing women together with the sole purpose of inspiring them to live lives that felt right to them.

As soon as I announced my project, things immediately started to change. Actually, they fell apart. It was like someone had pushed over the first domino in a long intricate pattern. Even though it was unexpected, I didn’t let fear force me to hang on to the life I was so familiar with. I realized that it was time to flex my faith muscles.

Time and time again, I was forced to realize that God had a much better plan for my life. One that I couldn't even imagine and one that His very character wouldn’t allow me to avoid no matter how much I kicked and screamed. Eventually I accepted this truth “Even though I had no idea what would happen next, I'd be better off once it happened because I cared enough about myself to believe that there could be something headed toward me that could be greater than anything I could ever imagine.” 

As a full-time working wife and mom of two, I know first hand how difficult it can be to get it all done - making dance recital fittings and rehearsals, remembering to buy allergy friendly food for lunches when your kid practically survives on peanut butter alone, keeping up with favorite stuffed animals, maintaining night time routines and remembering to kiss your husband before the kids rush you at the door… I could go on, but you see where I’m headed. This life doesn’t have to leave us frazzled and it can certainly be enjoyable.

I have created some tools to help you focus on what matters most to you in your life while finding comfort in the fact that your self-worth is not measured by the quality of your instagram feed or facebook profile. On social media and on the Hello Dreamers blog, you'll also find inspiration and ideas for living a meaningful life on your own terms along with some of my very own stories.

When I take a moment to reflect, I can easily see that life has been gracious to me - not perfect, but filled with many signs proving that God remains in the blessing business and that He is continuing the good work that he began in me (Philippians 1:6). I know that he is doing the same in you. Join me on this journey to self-discovery!

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if you’re curious…here’s more about me

My husband Kelsey and I live in Pensacola with our perfectly proper six year old daughter, (Princess) Olivia and our fearless two year old daughter, Addison. I work full-time outside of the home as a Marketing Director at a luxury resort. I’ve recently kicked my Starbucks habit in favor of a slimmer waistline - who knew there was soooooooooo much sugar in my White Chocolate Mocha, ugh!

I’m also a VERY PROUD graduate of the Florida A&M University School of Journalism and Graphic Communication. I teach Sunday School at my church and lead our Women’s Fellowship Ministry.
When I’m not speaking or teaching, I’m out volunteering in my community.